Analytics Modernization Program for QlikView users

von | Aug 2, 2022

Modern analytics started right here and that was just the beginning. Ride the next wave with Qlik Sense®

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Adopting next generation analytics capabilities has never been easier

It’s a new era with new demands. Extending BI for new projects and use cases is key. Giving users access to self-service tools is expected. Analyzing all data is a must. And using AI is an advantage.

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You can do it all without disrupting your QlikView environment. And we’ll help, with a simple, cost-effective way to embrace next-generation BI:

  • Adopt Qlik Sense®, the pioneering platform, at your own pace
  • Expand your analytics possibilities by implementing new use cases and capabilities
  • Reduce the TCO of your analytics solutions
Planning for the future

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Experience our modern analytics platform and see how you can consume QlikView apps in Qlik Sense today in the cloud.
UniformEvaluation Easily associate multiple data sources
UniformEvaluation Drag-and-drop your data to create fully interactive analytics apps
UniformEvaluation Get AI-generated insight suggestions, automatically
UniformEvaluation Share and co-author with your group or team in a governable environment
UniformEvaluation Schedule automated data refreshes
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Learn more about the benefits of modernizing your analytics environment with these helpful resources:

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