Research & Development - TD and JKU go China

TD and JKU go China - Research work between Trusted Decisions and the Institute of Information Systems - Information Engineering JKU remains exciting.

The research cooperation with the Institute for Information Systems – Information Engineering does not stop at China.

08/27/2019 | After South Korea and the US, now China. Our joint research project continues to develop successfully with international input. The focus of our research is on economic decision making and is therefore a global issue.

The distance is unimportant. It’s the first step that counts.

Since TD Trusted Decisions was founded, the company has been conducting research together with the Institute of Information Systems – Information Engineering at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) on TD’s core topic – entrepreneurial decision-making. The focus is on the IT-technical support of both variants of the human decision, the intuitive as well as the rational one. And especially on the combination of the two “modes”.

The first prototype to support managers in the decision-making process was already presented in 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. The scientific community at the “Workshop for Information Technology and Systems”, or WITS for short, was impressed by this. The prototype was further developed with interesting input from researchers. Together with the results from two surveys of decision makers (qualitative and quantitative), we then presented our findings at AMCIS, “Americas Conference on Information Systems” in 2018.


PACIS 2019 – Information Exchange in the Pacific Asia Region.

The prototype is now being further developed in the direction of combining the decision modes (intuitive and rational). To this end, we took the opportunity to discuss the current state of research as well as planning for future research with a distinguished audience in Xi’an, China. Last month we presented our research results at the PACIS, “Pacific Asian Conference on Information Systems”. Armed with international and intercultural feedback, we are now working on two new grant applications for further funding of the research cooperation.



Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province, is a vibrant metropolis and economic hub with a population of around eight million and the starting point for visiting one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century – the Terracotta Army. Despite the lively discussions during the conference, we were able to free up a half-day to take a side trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Philipp Wicke | Managing Director (TD) & Mag. Dr. David Rückel | Lector (JKU)

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