Focus on decisions – Master of DecisionMaking certified by K-i-E® and INeKO

Dec 04, 2019 | We are purposefully taking the next step to our core theme of decision-making. With the addition of K-i-E® DecisionMaking , we are expanding our range of services. The concept is a methodical extension of our consulting services. It enables us to reach jointly supported decisions with our customers in a timely and secure manner.

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With the certification of the TD team as Master of DecisionMaking certified by K-i-E® and INeKO we have reached the next level of our consulting services. The application of this method and the K-i-E® tools developed for it will further optimize the cooperation between all parties involved.

Initial situation in companies

In companies today, decisions are still often made conservatively. The decision-making processes take a long time, and more and more second-best decisions are being made. The entrepreneurial world is becoming more complex and more and more people are involved in the decision-making processes. This often leads to half-hearted implementation and missing the target.

Making good decisions

Shared decision-making is considered a superior form of decision-making in the VUCA world. The K-i-E theory and the DecisionMaking based on it make it possible to bring about joint decisions in a timely manner by applying group competence. The practice-proven tools belonging to it are the necessary equipment. On its basis, a commitment culture is created in companies, which gives rise to recognition, commitment, concentration on the essentials and personal responsibility.

TD Trusted Decisions and DecisionMaking promote good decisions in your business world.

Yvonne Wicke | Head of Marketing

Learn more about Decision Making Management

In the projects we rely on K-i-E®. With the use of Decision Making Management processes, we are jointly able to transfer different interests in the company into jointly supported decisions. Read more.

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