The Corporate Planning package for your liquidity.

From SME to SME: Corporate Planning supports your liquidity protection with a free license of Corporate Planner Cash. A kick-start package consisting of installation, connection of your previous systems and structure set-up at cost price provides you with a daily updated overview of your accounts and payment flows in the shortest possible time.

You will receive the Corporate Planner Cash license including interface free of charge. For the Kick-Start package only the cost price of 2,900 Euro is charged.

Corporate Planning Certified Partner

Of course, all services are provided contactless – via remote access as well as online and telephone consulting.
Free license incl. Maintenance and service, ends automatically after 12 months.


Software license free of charge

Corporate Planning offers you the opportunity to use Corporate Planner Cash free of charge for 12 months. The free license includes not only the software for your professional liquidity management, but also the interface to your upstream system. You too can benefit from simulations, automatic cash pooling and much more.


Maximum transparency

Corporate Planner Cash is ready for use in no time at all. The one-time cost price for the installation, the connection to your previous system, the consulting for your structure setup and a training is 2.900 Euro. Maintenance and service are free of charge. All services are provided contactless, i.e. online or by telephone. The free license expires automatically after 12 months.


Plan the future

Of course, you have the option of using Corporate Planner Cash beyond the 12th month. To do this, you must actively renew your license. There are no costs for the software license or the interface. A monthly fee of 299 euros is charged for maintenance and service alone.


Support by TD experts

Our team consists of people from different disciplines with extensive experience in integrated financial planning, liquidity management, strategy consulting and project management. As a long-standing partner of CP Corporate Planning AG and specialist of the entire CP software portfolio, we accompany and support you in the sustainable use of Corporate Planner Cash.


your next steps

If you request information about Corporate Planning’s solution for your liquidity protection now, the experts will contact you immediately and answer your questions. Appointments for installation, integration, structure building and consulting are made directly with you.

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