Partnership with the WIN alumniclub

With this partnership we support one of the most innovative and promising fields of study in Linz. Learn more here.

Digital transformation, data-driven decision making, digital process optimization… these and many other buzzwords and topics have had a certain omnipresence in common over the last few years, which hardly any company could escape. But they also have something else in common: they all fall under the umbrella term “digitization.

Once a company has decided to invest in digitization, it has taken a big first step in the right direction. The second important step is then to find the right employees for these digitization projects and initiatives. People with the appropriate know-how and the right mindset are few and far between. To discover them, active networking is the key. That’s why we are proud to partner with the WIN alumniclub!

Who is the WIN alumniclub?

The WIN alumniclub is a lively network of female business informatics graduates of JKU Linz. Its mission is to maintain and collectively promote the collaborative, formative, and innovative spirit of WIN studies after graduation. In addition to very “fresh” graduates, the members of the association, which was founded in February 2019, also include established business informatics graduates from the earliest early days of their studies.

Regardless of the graduation year, the WIN alumniclub uses events and digital channels to offer graduates a platform for networking with each other, as well as with representatives from business and research. The aim of this community is to increase the visibility of the field of Business Information Systems (WIN for short) – but also the ongoing exchange between students, graduates, university representatives and companies.

Why does this partnership make sense?

Business informatics specialists deal with all facets of digitalisation in a wide range of sub-areas. Whether this involves the traditional use of ERP systems, the development of digitization strategies or the application of machine learning, business informatics graduates have the technical and business know-how to design and implement such changes. Thus, they are the perfect professionals for the digital transformation of a company.

As a partner of the WIN alumniclub, we support one of the most innovative and promising fields of study in Linz. In addition to the important networking with graduates, we also benefit from the informal exchange on new technologies and central trends around the topic of digitalization. The WIN alumniclub continuously takes measures to make the study program future-proof in terms of content and to attract new students to the program. As such, we are proud to be part of an initiative that is helping to produce the digitization experts of tomorrow.

Parallel to our close cooperation with the JKU and especially with the Institute of Information Systems and thus with the active students, it was a logical step to also enter into a lively exchange with the graduates and alumni. This interaction with the most diverse vintages is an absolute enrichment and always expands one’s own horizons anew.

Harald Strassmair

Managing Director, TD Trusted Decisions GmbH Wels

You can find out more about the WIN alumniclub and everything around it at, on Facebook or on Linkedin.

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