The cooperation with the consultants was excellent. Because we got along so well, we were always able to move forward wonderfully. The team was insanely productive. That's a big win when the chemistry is like that. - Ute Neuenschwander | Manager Planning and Reporting

BASF’s Mobile Emissions Catalysts business unit is a leading global supplier of catalysts and filter solutions. It provides outstanding expertise in the development of cutting-edge, patented technologies to protect the air and develops unique catalysts that help customers be even more successful.

Ute Neuenschwander

Ute Neuenschwander

Manager Planning and Reporting




1,350 (Europe-wide)


Hanover, Germany


The initial situation

With a volume forecast from the supply chain, actual data in SAP and a cumbersome Excel contribution margin calculation, we were suboptimally positioned in the fast-moving catalyst market. We wanted a flexible planning tool that can compare large amounts of data with each other and that is able to firmly store certain calculations such as the determination of precious metal revenues. Extrapolations from the past are unsuitable for us.

The highlights

The most important thing for me was a clear concept and excellent cooperation with the consultants. And, of course, that the software made possible exactly what we wanted. The master tree concept is convincing, forecast and actual data are merged via the key fields and the data import runs via an Access database with several preliminary plausibility checks. QlikView allows us to perform quick and easy ad hoc analyses.

The Lessons Learned

When digitizing processes, a good concept is essential. However, care should also be taken to actively involve employees in the digitization process and the associated changes. Because as smart as digital processes may be – expertise and know-how, reliability and diligence are still necessary to ensure data quality and thus the meaningfulness of the data in controlling.

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