With QlikSense we found the right BI solution with a very good price/performance ratio for us. - Florian Wagner | CEO

Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft.m.b.H. is a specialist mail order company based in Asten near Linz. The company specialises in the sale of high-quality footwear designed according to a foot-friendly natural concept in the best shoemaker quality.

Florian Wagner, BBA

Florian Wagner, BBA







Asten, Austria


Good decision

Over the years, we’ve collected a lot of data that we didn’t get out of our system fast enough, or that was poorly processed. Because of this, we decided to use a BI tool. Qlik Sense was chosen because of its breadth of capabilities and affordable cost compared to other vendors. As well as on TD Trusted Decisions because of the close proximity and the rapid planning and implementation phase.

Successful introduction

The planning and initial implementation went very quickly. Subsequently, many formulas and parameters were adjusted in careful and painstaking detail work. The support of an expert from TD was the biggest advantage for us and the introduction. He understood the subject matter very quickly and was proactive in working through it. We were particularly pleased that the project was handled directly by him from A to Z. Thus we had a competent contact person at our side at all times. The be-all and end-all of any BI project is the person who implements it!

Future prospects

Currently, we learn from our statistics and regularly find new correlations. An extension of our key figures via Qlik is already being planned.

The goal

As part of the steady growth of Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft, the amount of data to be processed has also increased in recent years. As a result, the previous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was increasingly reaching its limits, which is why the company decided to implement Business Intelligence (BI) software.
In addition to process optimization within the company, the focus was primarily on the fast and flexible creation of statistics and data analyses. The following selection criteria were established during the decision-making phase:

  • Ease of use
  • Look & Feel of the user interface
  • cost-benefit relation
  • Service of the executing agency

The decision-making process

In order to be able to make an informed decision, various products were compared and thus an evaluation of the providers for the implementation was also carried out. Qlik Sense data analysis software was chosen because of its wide range of features and its favorable price, especially compared to other providers. For the implementation of the analysis platform, the company chose TD Trusted Decisions GmbH, as they made an extremely competent impression during the consultation and convinced the client with their excellent product knowledge. The local proximity (company headquarters in Wels) was also a decisive factor, as the company was thus able to quickly support the company during on-site operations.

The implementation

At the beginning of the implementation process, expectations were discussed and clear goals defined in a kick-off meeting with the consulting team of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH in Wels. Together, the most important use cases for the business intelligence tool were derived and prioritized. The prioritization was then used to create a schedule for the phased deployment of Qlik Sense.

The planning and initial implementation of the program took place within a very short time, with the individual application areas being worked through one after the other. In this way, our previous processing procedures and the associated business information could be gradually passed on and authorisations granted in a straightforward manner.

Subsequently, the numerous formulas and parameters of the program were precisely adapted to the individual company requirements by an expert of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH. “Having an expert from TD mentoring us and the rollout was the biggest benefit. He understood the subject matter very quickly and worked through it proactively. We were particularly pleased that the project was handled directly by him from A to Z. Thus, we had a competent contact person at our side at all times”, the CEO of Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft, Florian Wagner, evaluates the cooperation.

Qlik Sense Case Study

Thanks to the support of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH, the setup of the Self Service BI was quick and trouble-free. The software itself fully meets the expectations set at the outset

Qlik Sense: Experience and Evaluation

Due to the clear and easily understandable presentation of the system data, many processes have become clearer for the employees of Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.; especially the Excel export lists are suitable for the generation of further evaluations in the area of management and marketing. “Currently, we are learning from our statistics and regularly finding new correlations,” says Florian Wagner.

The intuitive and easy-to-understand operation of the software also met with great approval; since the system was developed step by step together with TD Trusted Decisions, it was possible to train the corresponding power users during the implementation.

Qlik Sense: Advantages

By implementing Qlik Sense software, Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft has been able to optimize numerous day-to-day processes – the main benefits of the business management tool can be summarized as follows:

  • End-to-end solution: complete consolidation of the previously heterogeneous system landscape
  • Change Data Capture: Data volumes of any size can be moved in real time without burdening source systems.
  • Data Integration Platform: raw data is automatically converted into analysis-ready information
  • Active Intelligence: System delivers valuable insights through collaborative analysis of real-time data

What’s next?

“With Qlik-Sense we have found the right BI solution with a very good price/performance ratio for us,” is Florian Wagner’s conclusion. The largely smooth development and implementation of the new software was made possible by a trusting and cooperative partnership with TD Trusted Decisions GmbH, which will continue after the completion of the project in the form of sustained ongoing support. For example, TD Trusted Decisions GmbH supports Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft in the implementation of new enhancement options for the Qlik Sense software.

In the area of marketing, Karsten Nowak, marketing manager at Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft, would like to see progress graphics regarding the cumulative development of media codes and customer group selections. Implementation has already begun. In the area of IT/processes, there is also a lot in the works: “Various functional enhancements are planned with this product, which will allow us an improved view of planning figures, an improvement in the preparation of advertising measures and in the review of logistics services. In the long term, this product will also support procurement decisions,” says Lutz Zeitzmann, IT & Process Manager at Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft.

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