A very good product implemented together with very good consultants. The different modules allow in the interaction a working, as it was not possible before with this accuracy. - Hendrik Pulse | Group Manager Finance

Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and its subsidiaries are the infrastructure service provider for Wolfsburg and the surrounding region. Under the umbrella of Stadtwerke, around 660 employees in six companies provide customer-oriented services and competent advice in the fields of telecommunications, mobility, building infrastructure and personnel.

Hendrik pulse

Hendrik pulse

group manager finances


Energy industry




Wolfsburg, Germany


Reason for the introduction of the CP software

We wanted to place our liquidity planning on a more comprehensive footing that takes into account all areas of our Group as far as possible. The different modules of the Corporate Planner solution enable in interaction a work, which was not possible before with this accuracy. By using the solution, we can use the data more efficiently and gain better insight into the processes.

Great advantages through precision

The machine processing of the data enables the comprehensive consideration of factors that would be impossible to capture to this extent, for example, in a pure list in Excel.
The CP software solution automatically processes many individual factors that could not be taken into account in any other way. This leads in the result to a comprehensible and before not given precision.

Specific requirements for TD

High-quality services are also our claim. Therefore, it is important for us to have Trusted Decisions at our side, which implements our challenges and wishes in a reliable, committed, flexible and solution-oriented manner. Even when individual solutions were required, a way was always found to map them in Corporate Planner. The consultants have fully met expectations, resulting in a very pleasant and productive working relationship.

Targeted into the future

We will continue to improve and update our CP system landscape with the help of TD Trusted Decisions in order to continue to deliver results at the highest possible level.

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