CP-Partner AddOn Process-Pilot | Friday 11.03.2022

Webinar: CP Partner AddOn Process Pilot

Optimize data flows, automate processes.

In the webinar, you will learn how to automate processes in Corporate Planner and optimize the flow of information with the CP partner AddOn Process-Pilot. Thanks to automatic e-mail notifications, you keep control of all running scripts and work with up-to-date figures at all times.


In databases, many steps have to be done manually and in a fixed order. This requires time and attention. With the Process-Pilot software solution developed by W&K, you can work with foresight. The tool automates and controls a variety of functions in Corporate Planner. You can automate routine Corporate Planner maintenance tasks such as structure matching and control complex processes such as master client updates. Thanks to notifications and alerts, you keep control and work with up-to-date figures at all times.


Target group: Corporate Planner users
Duration: 30 min.
Place: Online
Participation fee: free of charge

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