With Corporate Planner, we have reduced the effort required for complex processes and simplified workflows. - Hakan Kelloglu, Business Unit Manager Accounting/Controlling/Organization | Authorized Signatory

expert SE, headquartered in Langenhagen, Germany, is a retail group for consumer electronics, information technology, telecommunications, entertainment and household appliances. True to the brand claim “With the best recommendations,” expert stands for the highest level of service and consulting expertise like no other electronics retailer. expert is a strong and reliable employer for over 14,000 employees throughout Germany. In its almost 60-year history, expert has consolidated its strong position in the market and is now the second-largest electronics retailer in Germany. For years, the expert group has recorded business results that are above the industry average.

The expert brand is represented at more than 4,000 locations in a total of 22 countries. The respective national companies are merged in Expert International GmbH, which was founded in 1967 and has its headquarters in Zug (Switzerland). In 2020, all members of expert International generated total sales of around 16 billion euros.

Hakan Kelloglu

Hakan Kelloglu

Business Unit Manager Accounting/Controlling/Organization |Authorized Representative






Langenhagen, Germany


Planning, reporting and consolidation in the retail network

How do you manage a retail group with sales of around two billion euros? The expert SE retail group, headquartered in Langenhagen, Germany, relies on an intelligent solution for planning, reporting and consolidation.

With consumer electronics, information technology, telecommunications, entertainment and household electrical appliances, expert generates annual sales of over 2.2 billion euros (2020/21). About ten years ago, growing requirements and increasing complexity prompted the headquarters of expert SE to introduce Corporate Planning’s controlling software.

From KER to integrated solution

At expert, Corporate Planner was initially used for the short-term income statement (KER). Strategic and operational controlling, integrated financial planning and group consolidation are now interlinked. Flexible analyses, agile and resilient planning, and audit-proof financial statements for management and legal consolidation all contribute to the success of the retail group.

Time saving through automation

“The bundling of current data, distribution and processing, individual analyses and company-wide consolidation – all this has to be a lean process for us,” says Hakan Kelloglu, authorized signatory and business unit manager for accounting/controlling at expert SE. “With Corporate Planner, we’ve reduced the burden of complex processes and simplified workflows.”

expert achieves significant time savings by automatically importing data from different upstream systems and automatically preparing the data for further processing. The central solution also ensures uniform reporting at expert headquarters and at subsidiaries. Changes to account structures or reports can be made both quickly and securely for all subsidiaries with their current 62 locations.

Transparency at any level of aggregation

Information from sales, marketing and other departments is incorporated into Group-wide planning. Together with the KER data of the individual companies, they serve as the basis for the year-end forecast and the five-year plan for management.

The solution with the corporate planning software automatically derives the balance sheet and financial planning for the entire retail group from the profit and loss planning (P&L). Intelligent business calculation logics automatically generate group planning with a high degree of transparency at any aggregation level from the individual plans. In the Corona pandemic, for example, expert very quickly succeeded in generating lockdown scenarios and simulations and using them as a basis for decision-making.

Reduced effort, faster action

With the support of the consulting firm Trusted Decisions, expert has optimally implemented Corporate Planning’s software solutions for operational controlling, financial planning, consolidation and achieved massive time savings in existing tasks as well as in the implementation of new requirements. Tasks such as creating the KER can now be done conveniently. Planning, analysis and reporting have been greatly accelerated. The effort required for consolidation was massively reduced.

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