With the help of Corporate Planner, we were able to implement structural adjustments very quickly in terms of planning. - Uwe Knier, Head of Controlling

E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH is a successful service company of the E.ON Group in the field of utility services. The company currently employs around 1,100 people in offices in eight German cities. The headquarters of the company is located in Hamburg.

The focus of E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH includes the implementation of customer processes for the regional companies Avacon AG, Bayernwerk AG, E.DIS AG and HanseWerk AG. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to the development of innovative corporate projects that are intended to contribute to the sustainable shaping of the energy transition.

Uwe Knier

Uwe Knier

Contolling Manager


Utility Services




Hamburg, Germany


Map complex planning structures

E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH needed a new, innovative business intelligence solution to manage the company’s increasingly complex data and planning structure as a result of internal restructuring and expanded market requirements. This should not only serve as a holistic collection point for planning-relevant data, but also enable decentralized data collection by several employees as well as largely independent administration in the future.

Highlights and future prospects

The business intelligence software Corporate Planner and the data analytics platform Qlik Sense were implemented quickly and efficiently in cooperation with TD Trusted Decisions GmbH, and potential users of the new software were given comprehensive training by Trusted Decisions. Since its implementation, Corporate Planner has been successfully used as a planning system throughout all departments of the company. Extrapolations during the year are efficiently recorded in the system and thus make it possible to keep an eye on ongoing developments.

E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH implements the ideal software for complex planning structures

From multi-layered data to informed decisions: E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH chose Corporate Planner OC as well as CP Dashboard (Analytics by Qlik) as the ideal business intelligence solution for complex planning structures. Thanks to the professional support of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH, this was quickly and successfully implemented in the company and planning processes were efficiently optimized.

The goal: to map complex structures and optimize planning processes

In the past, internal restructuring within E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH as well as extended requirements from the market led to an increasingly complex data and planning structure. These could only be insufficiently mapped with the help of the systems used to date.

On the one hand, the new system was to serve as a holistic collection point for planning-relevant data and thus as the sole data basis for planning, as well as for all plan deviation analyses. Furthermore, the new business intelligence solution should enable decentralized data collection by several employees.

In addition to optimizing the planning processes, the selection process also focused on making data entry as intuitive as possible: since the new software was to be used in all areas of the company, it had to be possible for people with different skill sets to operate the system. In the future, the new software solution should also allow for independent adaptation to changing planning structures in order not to be dependent on external support in crucial planning phases.

On the recommendation of an external consultant, the cloud-based business intelligence software Corporate Planner OC and CP Dashboard (Analytics by Qlik) were finally chosen. After independent research, the certified partner company TD Trusted Decisions GmbH was chosen for the implementation.

Fluid implementation thanks to TD Trusted Decisions

The required structures were set up quickly and efficiently in cooperation with the TD team and the system was implemented quickly. Subsequently, the training of potential users of the new software was carried out by Trusted Decisions: the group of company controllers (approx. 6 persons) was comprehensively trained in the use of the new system in three sub-steps.

Two female employees continued to receive training and support in handling from an external consultant from the company over a period of several months so that they would be able to carry out more complex structural adjustments independently in the future. These colleagues then took over the training of the 25 operational users in the system.

Modern analyses, modern planning: Corporate Planner OC and Qlik Sense

The setup of the new system solution was smooth and largely problem-free thanks to the support of Trusted Decisions. The selected programs themselves meet the previously defined requirements to our complete satisfaction:

Corporate Planner OC: map complex structures, make better decisions

The Corporate Planner OC controlling software easily manages to map complex internal company structures and various use cases. The flexible software solution enables dynamic data evaluation; the program’s various planning options are used regularly, as is the integrated financial and profit planning, enabling informed planning decisions to be made.

Qlik Sense: effortless control in controlling

Thanks to comprehensible visualizations, the intuitive business intelligence software facilitates the interpretation of important key figures and thus enables data to be evaluated holistically and hidden potential to be identified. Actual, plan and forecast data can be displayed in detail and across the board in the CP dashboard and transmitted to different departments without any problems.

All advantages at a glance

The key benefits of the new BI software solution can be summarized as follows:

  • Tailored to corporate structure
  • Mapping of complex planning structures through visual dashboards
  • multidimensional analysis of all available data
  • intuitive user interface
  • Independent, in-house adaptation to changing structures possible

Challenges and solutions

The introduction of the new software took place without any major problems. Minor difficulties at the beginning of the system use were also quickly solved at short notice and the introduction phase was competently accompanied by the responsible TD employees. TD Trusted Decisions was also always on hand to provide support with minor adjustments and optimizations within the first few months.

Conclusion: structural adjustments could be implemented quickly in terms of planning

Since its implementation, Corporate Planner has been successfully used as a planning system by all departments of E.ON Grid Solutions GmbH. Extrapolations during the year are efficiently recorded in the system and thus make it possible to keep an eye on ongoing developments. As things stand, the new system is regularly operated by around 30 employees. The software was positively received by all users; only the detailed tree structure required some time to get used to in the initial phase.

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