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by | Jun 20, 2023

Insights and inspiration from experts at exclusive event in Marchtrenk

On May 24, 2023, our exclusive event “The Future of Decision Making” took place in a cozy atmosphere. Under the episode HOT DECISIONS we received our guests at Weber Grill in Marchtrenk. We were able to present exciting and informative content to a small group of participants. The event provided an opportunity for our guests to gain valuable insight into decision making.

The future of decision making_lecture_Philipp_Wicke

In-depth insights into decision making

The event started with two inspiring keynote speeches by our experts Harald Straßmair and Philipp Wicke in the field of decision making, both managing directors of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH. Philipp Wicke gave a captivating presentation entitled “Decision Making”, which offered profound insights into the complex nature of decisions. He highlighted various aspects and approaches to choosing solutions and illustrated the immense importance of making informed decisions for business success.

During his presentation, Philipp Wicke went into particular detail about the scientific findings that help us understand how decisions are made both in the rational mind and in the “gut feeling”. He explained that decisions are not based on facts and logic alone, but are also influenced by emotions, intuition and experience. This exciting finding illustrated that it is critical for effective decision making to incorporate both rational thought and intuition and to strike a balance.

Furthermore, Philipp Wicke uncovered common misconceptions associated with decision making in his presentation. He explained how cognitive biases can affect our judgment and how to recognize and avoid these pitfalls. By becoming aware of such misconceptions, our participants gained insight into how to optimize their decision-making processes and make informed, objective decisions.

The detailed analysis of decision making in the presentation provided valuable insights and perspectives to the participants. The combination of scientific findings and practice-oriented examples provided a well-founded and at the same time practical insight into the complexity of decision-making processes.

Innovative approach to supporting the digitization of processes

Harald Straßmair presented a fascinating talk entitled “The Right Approach to Solutions.” With practical examples and helpful tips, he provided participants with valuable strategies for effective decision-making.

In his presentation, Harald Straßmair emphasized the innovative approach of TD Trusted Decisions GmbH to support its customers in decision making. Instead of taking the traditional route of analyzing data through planning, reporting and departmental sharing, the company is taking a different approach to solving the problem. Their approach starts with a specific department where all employees can contribute their expertise and experience. Supported by the method known as the “K-i-E method”, it is possible to include all relevant approaches and perspectives of the employees.

By relying first on the expertise and experience of its employees, TD Trusted Decisions GmbH creates a solid foundation for the decision-making process among its customers. Once all stakeholders are on board and their approaches have been considered, TD moves forward together with the customer to the process of data analysis. This approach offers customers numerous advantages in the digitization of processes.

By involving employees at this departmental level, this approach allows for a bottom-up approach. It ensures that decisions are based on a broad base of expertise and experience through a managed commitment process. This not only promotes employee engagement and motivation, but also leads to informed and practical decisions that meet the challenges of digital transformation. This innovative approach supports the digitization of processes and provides customers with a solid foundation for their business challenges.

The practical examples and helpful tips presented by Harald Straßmair during his lecture provided the participants with valuable knowledge and suggestions for their own decision-making processes. The combination of an innovative approach to solutions and in-depth expertise ensured that participants were inspired to break new ground in decision making.

The future of decision making_lecture_Philipp_Wicke

A success story from Petschl Transporte GmbH

Another highlight of the afternoon was the inspiring success story shared by a valued customer. Helmut Füßlberger, the Commercial Manager of Petschl Transporte GmbH, based in Perg, was in the spotlight and presented his paper on the topic of “Data-based decisions”. This insight into the customer’s experience impressively illustrated the possibilities and advantages of a data-based approach to decision-making processes and got the participants thinking.

During his presentation, Helmut Füßlberger described the success journey of his company in cooperation with TD Trusted Decisions GmbH. He emphasized his company’s satisfaction with the results achieved, and that some successful processes have already been implemented. A key component of this collaboration was the implementation of data sourcing and a single point of truth to ensure the right data was available at the right time.

In addition, Helmut Füßlberger explained the importance of data analysis in order to gain the relevant insights from the information collected. In close cooperation with TD Trusted Decisions, an integrated planning and reporting solution based on the Corporate Planner software was successfully implemented. This enabled the implementation of a multi-level contribution accounting system with an effective key performance indicator system, which provided the company with valuable insights into its business processes and performance.

Helmut Füßlberger concluded his presentation with this conclusion: “In my view, there is no end to such projects on data-based decisions. The world keeps turning…” This statement highlighted the ongoing nature of data-driven decision-making processes and the continuous evolution required to meet ever-changing demands.

The success story of Helmut Füßlberger and Petschl Transporte GmbH impressively illustrated how a close cooperation with TD Trusted Decisions GmbH can lead to sustainable changes and business success. The implementation of a data-driven decision-making culture enabled the company to make informed and forward-looking decisions and effectively adapt to the challenges of the dynamic business environment.


The future of decision making_Success story_Petschl_Transporte

Panel discussion to share knowledge and experience

The concluding panel discussion offered participants the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers in an interactive dialogue. One of the key questions that came up was about “transparency.” The panelists explored how transparency can be promoted in decision-making processes and what influence it has on the effectiveness and traceability of decisions. The speakers emphasized that transparency is not possible without honest communication within the company. Transparent decision-making creates trust and strengthens long-term relationships.

Another important point of discussion was the TD method with the reverse approach, which was presented earlier in the lectures. Participants had the opportunity to gain further insight into this innovative approach and to clarify open questions. Various aspects of the method were discussed, such as the challenges of implementation, the added value for employees, and the impact on corporate culture. The experts explained that the flipped approach requires a new mindset in which employees are actively involved in the decision-making process and their perspectives and expertise are valued.

The panel discussion provided a valuable opportunity for participants to expand on the topics presented and gain a deeper insight into the TD method and its potential applications. The discussion fostered dialogue and exchange among participants and helped deepen understanding of the future of decision making.

The future of decision making_Hot_Decisions_Semir

A feast for the belly

The final barbecue course provided enthusiasm and lots of fun for the participants. Delicious dishes were prepared together and everyone was amazed by the grilling skills of the experienced grill master Semir from Weber Grill. It was a treat to see the enthusiasm of the participants and the variety and delicacy of dishes that can be achieved with proper grilling. In addition to the culinary experience, Semir and Christian from Weber Grill, with their humorous and entertaining demeanor, ensured that the barbecue course was an unforgettable and joyful end to the event. In addition to the professional exchange, our guests thus had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere and to make valuable contacts.

A complete success

The event on “The Future of Decision Making” at Weber Grill was a great success. We are grateful for the positive feedback from our participants and are pleased that we were able to provide them with informative and inspiring content. We are convinced that the knowledge gained and the networks created will support our prospects on their way to successful decisions.


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