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by | Jul 25, 2023

Real-time data for agile decisions

In a world that is changing rapidly, it is crucial to always have the right information at the right time. From political events to environmental developments to technological advances, the flood of data and information can be overwhelming. But what if there was a way to use all that data in real time to make informed decisions and implement agile actions immediately?

This is exactly where the concept of Active Intelligence comes in. This innovative strategy enables companies to develop their data strategy and transform into a “Data Driven Company”. Active Intelligence means being constantly up to date and having access to current information at any time in order to be able to act immediately.

By combining the Data Integration Platform and the Data Analytics Platform , your company is always up to date. Supported by up-to-the-minute information, you can make informed decisions and take the appropriate action immediately.

Trusted Decisions

Real-time data for comprehensive business control and interactive analysis

Real-time data is at the heart of Active Intelligence. A Data Integration Platform supports your strategy by providing real-time data, ensuring that you have visibility into all facets of your business at all times. With dynamic apps, dashboards, and analytics, you can interact on the go and analyze large amounts of data interactively in in-memory technology.

Artificial intelligence reveals hidden insights in real-time data

Another key to Active Intelligence is artificial intelligence. A cloud-native data analytics platform leverages innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover hidden insights in your data. This allows your employees to understand data faster and use it more efficiently without being influenced by cognitive biases that can occur with human decision-making.

Trusted Decisions

The next level of business intelligence

In this eBook, you will learn what Active Intelligence is and how it differs from traditional BI. Read about the key benefits of Active Intelligence and discover the impact on the bottom line.

Examples from practice

Time saving

A concrete example of this is a logistics company that has saved 30 minutes of valuable time every day since switching from Excel to an advanced solution with Active Intelligence. Instead of laboriously preparing data manually, the company now has direct access to real-time data that it can use efficiently with the help of automatically generated visualizations. This seamless transition not only enabled the logistics company to optimize its workflows, but also elevated its decision-making processes to a new level. Extracting valuable insights from rich data sets is now faster and more accurate, resulting in increased effectiveness and agility across the enterprise.

Risk reduction

In the controlling and finance departments of a media company, Active Intelligence ensures profound and sustainable improvements. The implementation of a state-of-the-art Active Intelligence solution not only added remarkable value, but also uncovered hidden errors that had previously gone unnoticed and represented a significant risk potential for the company. Potential pitfalls resulting from human error, such as a simple typo or a faulty formula in Excel, can be eliminated. This insightful solution offered a safe and reliable alternative that drastically reduced the risk of harmful consequences.

Transformative historicization

A retail company has experienced an innovative transformation through the introduction of Active Intelligence. Previously, the available data was incomplete and flawed, leading to significant challenges in strategic direction and uncertain decision-making. But that is now history! The seamless historization of data has provided the company with a valuable look back at past developments and performance metrics. This allows managers to accurately identify trends and patterns and take strategic action based on them. Active Intelligence has created a comprehensive and reliable database on which to make informed decisions.

According to an IDC survey* of 1,200 global organizations, there are clear benefits to using Active Intelligence. Most companies that have powerful data-to-analytics pipelines have been able to improve key metrics:

*IDC study commissioned by Qlik, “Data is the new water: why it’s so important to invest in data and analytics pipelines,” June 2020.

The next level of business intelligence

TD customer testimonials about “Active Intelligence

Realign strategies, processes and products

The clear and easy-to-understand presentation of the system data has made many processes clearer for the employees of Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.. “Currently, we are learning from our statistics and regularly finding new correlations,” says Florian Wagner.

Florian Wagner, BBA – CEO
Peter Wagner Vertriebsgesellschaft.m.b.H.

Create trust

Through the higher data quality, the business departments get more confidence in their data, so they can model planning scenarios and flexibly adapt use cases to each new situation. With the rapid availability of analysis-ready data, users have more time to evaluate results and take action.

DI (FH) Robert Horvath, MBA – CFO
Hödlmayr International AG

Want to turn your data into relevant information?

Unleash the full potential of your business with Active Intelligence! Use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and real-time data to act faster, more accurately and more agile. Rely on a solution that will help you achieve long-term success and a sustainable competitive advantage.

With TD Trusted Decisions as a certified Qlik Solution Provider, you get the support you are looking for.

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