Corporate Planner OC -Basic plus Reporting- | Thursday, 30.11.2023

Live training: Corporate Planner OC -Basic plus Reporting-

Dynamic business planning and analysis.

In practical case studies, you will gain confidence as a power user in setting up and maintaining integrated structures and reports in Corporate Planner OC. Topics such as sales, personnel, commission planning and others are covered in this training. The training enables you to take a leading role in the digitalization of your company-wide planning and reporting processes.


With Corporate Planner OC you can transparently map your company’s own structures and use cases. The software adapts to every new situation and grows with your company. Even complex tasks will be completed at top speed. Benefit from being able to answer any question in controlling quickly and precisely.


Target group: Designers of Corporate Planner OC who model structures, import and analyze data, create reports and prepare planning.
Duration: 2 days
Place: Hannover
Participation fee: 1.300 €

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