K-i-E® DecisionMaking

Shared decisions as a pioneering method of decision making in the VUKA world.

No more standstill and extended dialogs.

Digital transformation and the focus on agile working in companies are causing decisions to increase many times over. We make 20,000 decisions every day. The task for decision makers and for agile teams is to navigate disparate interests into shared decisions. With the help of K-i-E®-DecisionMaking good decisions with reliable processes are achieved safely and promptly.

K-i-E® Business Tools – decision-making and implementation security for digital transfer

The K-i-E® Tools are everyday tools for problem solving of entrepreneurial tasks in common customer projects. Companies and managers achieve two to four times higher productivity. The satisfaction and enthusiasm of all parties involved is increased because the success of the performance can be seen. The K-i-E® Tools create an appreciation, because all opinions of the participants are considered in projects. This is the foundation that leads to decisions that are supported by all and results in a necessary commitment.

These tools lead to better decisions.

The K-i-E® scale

The K-i-E® scale enables fast and precise evaluations. Their internal structure leads from evaluation to meaning directly to decision. Intuition and cognition attain equal effectiveness in the K-i-E® scale. Its flexibility makes it a universal, accepted and standardized evaluation system for all development processes.

The K-i-E® Resource Question

The resource question shortens discussions. The parties involved are made responsible for helping to find a solution. Criticism, causation, and hindsight are avoided. Instead, competence is required, and it quickly becomes apparent what and how much is needed for success.

The K-i-E® Intuition

Natural human intuition becomes K-i-E® intuition when it attains a regulated and discriminating expression through the K-i-E® scale. The K-i-E® Intuition makes the expert knowledge quickly consciously available in order to make adequate decisions. It is a reliable and conscious decision-making tool and is available to everyone autonomously.

The quality process

The quality process is a self-organized process. It enables the parties involved to establish quality in a self-determined manner at an early stage. The quality indicators for monitoring and control are generated automatically and maintain the process quality in a self-regulating manner. Later problems and expenses are limited.

The Commitment Process

The commitment process involves all participants 100%. It reinforces that everyone is speaking out and taking an evaluable stand. Reservations, risks and hidden conflicts become visible in early phases. A culture of openness, commitment, honesty, security and shared commitment is created.

The prioritization process

What is being done and what is not being done? This key entrepreneurial issue is solved with the prioritization process. In an organization, different demands from different areas compete for the limited resources of time, budget, skills, focus and implementation capacity. The process is used to find a jointly supported selection of requirements within a given time frame.

TD Trusted Decisions is K-i-E® certified

With the certification “Master of DecisionMaking certified by K-i-E® and INeKO” the TD team has practical competences with the DecisionMaking Core Tools, extended by the Advanced Tools K-i-E Intuition, K-i-E Decision Strategy, the Quality and Prioritization Process. As a DecisionMaking Master, we can safely bring about jointly supported decisions in traditionally hierarchical as well as agile areas at all levels.


About K-i-E® DecisionMaking and Richard Graf

Richard Graf is a decision-making expert and his intention is to empower people to be self-organized and self-responsible in doing their best to achieve their goals. He developed K-i-E® DecisionMaking and shows that cognition, intuition and emotions (K-i-E) are inextricably linked. As an emotion researcher, he works on the trilogy of K-i-E® and its influence on decisions and human behavior.

The book “Die neue Entscheidungskultur” by Richard Graf is for people with leadership responsibility who want to make decisions clearly and responsibly in the fast and complex VUKA world.

Here you can learn more about K-i-E® Decision Making.

Using an innovative decision-making process to make better decisions.

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