Hi-chart® by Corporate Planning

Better decisions with IBCS.

With SUCCESS rules to uniform reporting.

Reports provide decision makers with relevant KPIs. However, the presentation in the report opens up room for interpretation. There is a lack of standards in visual communication and this leads to a lack of understanding.

Since version 6.0.200, the Corporate Planning Software offers new visualization options. It is the only business management software with fully integrated One-Click-Reporting according to IBCS. This makes effective reporting child’s play – from data selection to PowerPoint presentations.


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Successful reporting

Learn the SUCCESS model with seven simple rules for success
for your reporting. The IBCS, which are based on the SUCCESS rules of Prof. Rolf Hichert, bring security to your communication and quality to your decisions. In business management, this generally accepted set of rules for efficient business communication has been available since 2013.

IBCS made easy

Corporate Planner users get the ability to create clear and understandable management reports and presentations with just a few clicks and take their business communication to a new level with IBCS standards.

A study conducted at the Technical University of Munich came to the following conclusion. For IBCS-compliant reports, participants analyzed 46% faster and made 61% fewer errors in interpretation and decision-making.

Learn in this data sheet how hi-chart simplifies and accelerates the application of IBCS.

This is what SUCCESS stands for

The acronym SUCCESS speaks for itself: it’s all about success. To be more precise: successful reporting.

Companies that consider the basic rules of SUCCESS maintain an easier and largely clear understanding through the uniform use of terms and signs. They pare down content to the essentials, write clear messages and thus achieve the basis for efficient communication.

In this white paper, you will learn the details behind this acronym for more success in business communication.


Version 6.0.200 is available for you. Companies that have not yet upgraded to Corporate Planner 6.0 will receive details on individual upgrade options. Hi-chart® runs on different platforms. They work quickly and intuitively. You can create your sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards in no time. Hi-chart® is IBCS® certified.

Hi-chart by Corporate Planning: Security with a future


Hi-chart® is part of CP Corporate Planning, a solution provider for planning, reporting and analysis with more than 30 years of controlling experience. Our in-house development team and product management guarantee the continuous further development of our solutions. Our consulting, the Corporate Planning Campus and our technical support ensure a smooth project flow, operation and know-how transfer. We regularly achieve the highest scores in BARC studies for customer satisfaction across all industries and company sizes.

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