Use data from all common upstream systems.

The Corporate Planning Software includes over 100 integrations to all common upstream systems, from which Controlling obtains its data. The import of this data is automated and error-free.

Seamless connection to your system landscape.

The integrations are reliable connections between upstream systems and the corporate planning software. ERP systems, software systems for financial accounting, cost accounting or software from human resources such as payroll accounting are among them. After a one-time setup, the integrations automatically import your current data that your controlling needs. You can import the values via Microsoft Excel, different text formats such as .csv, .txt and .xml or via the direct relational database connection. If data changes in one of the connected source systems, the integrations automatically take this into account.

Automated data import

You work continuously and with ease with up-to-date data and reduce the error rate of your processes.

Multi-client capable, integrated data import

Your data import into the Corporate Planning solution is multi-client capable.

Drilldown to scanned posting document

Using the “single point of truth” principle, you trace each value back to the underlying posting record.

Decentralised working

They conveniently receive data from different departments. It does not matter whether these are located in-house or externally.

Performance gain

The compressed and speedy processing of the stored data enables you to achieve an enormous gain in performance.

Investment security

All integrations are also adapted and automatically updated when you change the version of one of your previous systems.

CP-Connectivity Express

The integration “CP-Connectivity Express” connects your previous systems with the software of Corporate Planning. The transformation of the data and the import of structures are defined beforehand. Adjustments in your previous system are automatically included. This saves you time and allows you to focus on the important activities of business management: Planning, analysis and reporting. An optional drilldown into document management down to the scanned document rounds off the integration and offers transparency.

Standard import tools


Brochure CP Connectivity Express for download

Over 100 integrations to all common upstream systems – so that your data import runs automatically and error-free.

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