Software for consolidation

Keep an overview of all group subsidiaries.

There are various arguments for having to deliver reliable consolidated financial statements in the short term. The challenges of any group accounting system are the same: disparate financial accounting systems, lack of intercompany reconciliation, reorganization of shareholdings or foreign subsidiaries. With Corporate Planner Cons you keep track of your subsidiaries. Whether you are a medium-sized company or a major international corporation, you can prepare your consolidated financial statements systematically, transparently and audit-proof.


Ready for information thanks to Fast Close.

Corporate Planner Cons is the solution for management and legal consolidation in group-like structured companies. With this solution, you create your financial statements quickly and to a high standard. Consolidation during the year makes you able to provide information at any time. Fast Close enables you to provide meaningful financial information about your group shortly after the close of a period.

Consolidate audit-proof and fast.

In a short time you compile audit-proof documents for the audit. Corporate Planner Cons contains business calculation logics that check the plausibility of your entries and with which you automatically create your posting lists. A workflow guides you step-by-step through the complete process of consolidation. The consolidation software is certified according to the IDW auditing standard IDW PS 880.


The link to financial controlling.

With the Corporate Planner Cons you create a profitable teamwork with your colleagues from the area of integrated financial and profit planning. The solutions for consolidation and financial controlling work together in an integrated manner. Thanks to this connection, you always have the latest data from financial planning and intercompany reconciliation for the consolidated financial statements. With an immediate start of the consolidation you save valuable time.

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Overview of all subsidiaries – For conscientiousness in consolidation.

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