Software for financial controlling

Cleverness for your financial controlling.

With Corporate Planner Finance you secure the long-term liquidity of your company. Plan investments, revise payment behaviour of customers or towards suppliers or make changes in the sales area. These actions intertwine and have complex effects on financial and profit planning. Corporate Planner Finance presents these relationships in a transparent and understandable way.


Integrated financial and performance planning.

Corporate Planner Finance is the key to transparent financial planning. Within the scope of planning, simulation or a rolling forecast, the solution combines P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. It directly presents the results of intra-year plan adjustments, simulations or forecast calculations on the net assets, financial position and results of operations. On this basis, you can make good decisions for the future.

Secure liquidity in the long term.

It is not only profit that determines the continued existence of a company. Knowledge of the availability of financial resources is elementary. With Corporate Planner Finance you manage your company holistically. They plan liquidity requirements in advance and take countermeasures if necessary. The solution informs you transparently about the liquidity development of the company, which is based on all entered subplans. So you can make smart decisions.

Financial controlling with regulated planning logics.

Corporate Planner Finance works with defined, business planning logics. You use these to plan your profit and loss statement and balance sheet. Business management chains are calculated into this. With the help of an intercompany reconciliation based on the leader-follower principle, you save time while you prepare your consolidation.

The link to consolidation.

The two solutions Corporate Planner Finance and Corporate Planner Cons work together accordingly. The users of the respective departments thus form a successful team. All values from financial planning are automatically available for the consolidated financial statements. Both sides thus gain valuable time. You also avoid errors that can occur when transferring data.

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Cleverness for your financial controlling – Keep an eye on the current asset, financial and earnings situation.

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