Software for investment controlling

Investments at a glance

Investment controllers need to see multiple scenarios in the short term to determine if an investment will pay off. If that’s the case, the question becomes: buy or lease? With Corporate Planner OC you have an overview of all investments from GWG to large investments.


Invest sustainably.

Corporate Planner OC is the solution that prepares you for best-case and worst-case scenarios. In the software, you display all the specifics of your investments and automatically integrate investment management into your financial planning. In a very short time, you discuss several scenarios. Final assess which investments are worthwhile and whether the company can realize the investment.

Credit management with Corporate Planner OC.

In Corporate Planner OC you can easily create medium-term and long-term loans. You enter the repayment type and repayment steps only once, after which the system calculates the interest and the payment charge. You gain security for planning your liquidity. With the help of the seamless connection to integrated financial planning, the items for budgeted balance sheet, budgeted P&L and budgeted cash flow are created. In Corporate Planner OC you also manage extensive credit relationships within a group.

Reporting for better decision making.

Corporate Planner OC for investment controlling gives you an overview of your investments and loans. The software solution supports you in planning for individual companies as well as for entire groups. You get a clear overview of when an investment will be depreciated in the future and whether a replacement investment should be sought. They quickly and rhythmically create all the required documents for decision-makers, supervisory boards, committees or the annual financial statements.

Combining investment controlling and financial controlling

The solutions Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance work together in an integrated way. If desired, you can automatically transport all data from investment management as well as planned loans into your integrated financial planning.

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