Software for risk management

A protective shield for your company.

In order to survive and be successful on the market in the long term, a company must also take risks. Corporate Planner Risk guides you through all process steps of risk management. You identify, assess, analyse, communicate, manage, review and document risks to your business. Exclude a threat to the existence of your company. With Corporate Planner Risk you stabilize your risk management and make good decisions faster.


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of risks.

With Corporate Planner Risk you have all risks in view. The organizational structure is displayed in a descriptive tree structure. With the solution you get the possibility to evaluate also qualitative risks quantitatively. If required, structure the risks according to the level of loss potential. With ABC analysis, portfolio analysis or time series analysis, the software also offers you important analysis functions.

The risk manual as a communication tool.

Create individual risk manuals for department heads, specialist departments or an entire group with little effort. The risk manuals from Corporate Planner Risk enable you to establish a regulated communication about risks. They provide management with a basis for discussion on the strategic orientation of the company.


KonTraG: Provision on control and transparency.

With the help of Corporate Planner Risk, you meet the requirements of the KonTraG. The law obliges companies to manage risks and ensures that they identify developments that could jeopardise their existence in good time and develop communication structures. With the software solution, stock corporations as well as companies with the legal form GmbH and GmbH & Co KG implement a risk management system.

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Corporate Planner Risk is the protective shield for your company – stabilize your risk management.

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