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Drilldown analysis

Drill-down analysis is a method of data analysis that makes it possible to view data at different levels and analyze it in more detail. The data is organized hierarchically and can be examined in more detail by selecting certain elements.

The term "drilldown" literally means "to drill down" and thus describes the possibility of zooming into the details of the data from an aggregated level. Drill-down analysis makes it possible to quickly analyze complex data volumes and identify correlations.

An example of a drill-down analysis could be looking at sales figures at different levels. At the highest level, for example, you could look at a company's total sales figures. However, with one click you could break down the sales figures by region, product or customer and thus obtain more detailed information.

Drill-down analysis is often used in business intelligence systems and business analytics applications to analyze large amounts of data from different sources and to make decisions based on sound information. It can help to identify important correlations and optimize business processes.

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