Integrated corporate planning

What is integrated business planning

Integrated Business Planning (IUP) is a planning approach that takes an integrated approach to business activities. This approach assumes that entrepreneurial activities are interdependent and must therefore be considered in an integrated planning process.

IUP therefore aims to link and coordinate the different planning units (e.g. marketing, production, finance) of a company. This integration is intended to ensure that the company’s various planning units are coordinated with each other and that no planning errors occur.

Another essential aspect of IUP is the consideration of the company as a whole. This means that planning does not only consider individual departments or business areas, but the company as a whole. This enables the company to include external factors (such as the economy) in its planning, making corporate planning even more flexible and adaptable.

Integrated business planning is a very flexible and adaptable planning approach that looks at the company as a whole. The integration of the different planning units should ensure that no planning errors occur.

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