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Target value calculations

Target-value calculations are an important tool in the planning and management of projects, company processes and other plans. Target-value calculations are used to measure the progress and success of projects by defining target values and comparing them with the values actually achieved.

Target value calculations can be carried out at various levels, for example at the level of projects, departments or the entire company. The target values are usually defined on the basis of key figures that are intended to measure the progress and success of the project.

Target-value calculations can be used for both quantitative and qualitative targets. Quantitative targets are, for example, sales figures, profits or production volumes. Qualitative goals can be, for example, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction or the quality of products or services.

Target-value calculations help to monitor the progress and success of projects and to recognize at an early stage if deviations from the target values occur. In this way, corrective measures can be taken in good time to get the project back on track and achieve the desired goals.

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