The good decision as a goal

by | Nov 16, 2021

ICV North-East Conference 2021 in Schwerin.

This year, the traditional North Meeting became the North-East Meeting. This time, the working groups from the North Region, together with the working groups from the East Region, met at the 17. and 18 September 2021 in Schwerin. Under the motto “Controlling North German – in stormy seas”, there were interesting presentations, including one by Philipp Wicke on the subject of “The good decision as a goal”. The ICV Newcomer Award was also presented there.

Applied knowledge is power

Philipp Wicke’s presentation gave the audience a rough insight into the complex topic of decision making. The criteria for decision selection follow the principle: applied knowledge is power. A distinction is made between decisions with and without time pressure. Individual head or gut decisions do not exist. Cognitive decisions and intuitive decisions are in a both/and relationship. Especially in the case of unknown risks (VUCA), good decisions require intuition and the application of rules of thumb, the so-called heuristics. Intuition is felt knowledge that arises abruptly in consciousness and that is strong enough to act upon. When brought into harmony, a coherent world view emerges. Cognitive biases limit the decision quality of intuitive decisions, e.g. loss aversion or the anchor effect. The participating controllers received important tips for decision-making situations from Philipp Wicke.

All around successful symposium

On the eve of the event the ICV invited to an exciting tour through the beautiful city of Schwerin. The landmark is Schwerin Castle. The walk ended with culinary delights in the Orangery of the castle.

The following day, Matthias Wolfskeil, ICV Delegate for Germany Region North, and Dieter Meyer, Delegate for Region East, welcomed their guests at the venue. The motto of the symposium was “Controlling North German – in stormy seas”. In this sense, they stressed that an uncertain future business disrupts forecasts and makes higher demands, in the sense of increased course changes. The transformation process requires controllers to successfully provide orientation and stay on course.

The good decision as a goal – Philipp Wicke in an interview

The ICV symposium was accompanied by Peter Bluhm from Atvisio. Atvisio’s podcasts are known for business intelligence and performance management. The insider tip for all controllers and CFOs who want to be even more successful. In Schwerin, Peter Bluhm interviewed the speakers that day in his mobile recording studio.

In the Performance Manager Podcast, Philipp Wicke and Peter Bluhm talk about how intuition can be used even better for decision making with the help of heuristics. You will receive impulses and valuable tips for your decision-making situations.


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This was the event CIB 2019 in Berlin.

See also the interview “Smarter and easier decisions” with Philipp Wicke and Peter Bluhm at CIB Controlling Inspiration 2019 in Berlin. There you will learn how to avoid thinking traps and get an overview of the tools and instruments that help in practice.

We strengthen the ability to make decisions and thus build the foundation for companies of the future.

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