Logistics Dashboard

Forecasts and simulations for better decisions in times of crisis.

Effective countermeasures in the crisis.

In today’s world, the question “What’s next?” creates a lot of uncertainty and pressure for finance and controlling. Corona, Ukraine war and inflation – this is the reality that companies have to juggle.

Due to the implementation of the EU Mobility Package 2022, the unstable supply chains and the soaring oil prices, the transport and logistics companies are also hard hit. In order to remain or become crisis-proof, modern logistics dashboards support you in visualizing your data in an appealing way and in keeping an eye on all of your company’s key performance indicators at all times.


Future scenarios

It is necessary to look ahead and get decision support with forecasts and simulations. With the Qlik Dashboard, you can examine multiple developments in all relevant dimensions. Combine external developments with internal actions to get diverse goal-oriented scenarios to make better decisions.

Transparency and overview

The Qlik Fleet Management Dashboard enables transportation and logistics companies to understand the overall performance of their fleet based on sales performance, fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, and maintenance requirements. It also provides an overview of fleet operator effectiveness, including safety training results, traffic violations and accidents. The Qlik Fleet Management Dashboard is a one-stop store for all aspects of fleet management and even incorporates weather data to understand the impact of weather patterns on performance and safety.

Live Demo

You have the opportunity to test the Qlik Fleet Management Dashboard. Create objects, modify diagrams and customize demos.


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