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Clever financial planning with Corporate Planner

With its self-service approach, Corporate Planner offers integrated financial and profit planning for companies. Financial plans and forecasts can be easily created and actual data and planned values can be integrated. P&L, balance sheet and cash flow are always in view. The cloud version enables flexible and location-independent use of the software.

Controlling software for corporate planning & personnel planning

Controlling software enables comprehensive planning options from detailed planning (e.g. personnel planning) to integrated corporate planning. Bottom-up planning provides a detailed view of the company structure and thus supports effective planning of resources and budgets. The integration of detailed operational planning into corporate planning is automated and thus enables efficient and reliable decision-making.

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Data integration and analysis

Corporate Planner offers seamless integration of data from various sources and enables fast and precise analysis of company data. Ad hoc analyses or a break-even analysis can be performed in real time to enable detailed planning, analysis and reporting. Real-time reporting provides a quick overview of all planning results and thus contributes to effective management. Planning data is automatically processed and cleansed, creating a reliable basis for decision-making. With Corporate Planner, companies can quickly and easily process and analyze their data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Corporate Planning's software solutions for various specialist areas

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The Partner AddOns for Corporate Planning Software.

Automate your routine tasks. With the CP Partner AddOns "Process-Pilot" and "Report-Mailer" developed by W&K, you can automate recurring processes and stay well informed at all times.

CP-Partner AddOn Process-Pilot

Easily keep structures and values up to date in Corporate Planner. With the Process-Pilot solution, you can reduce the number of individual work steps that usually have to be carried out manually and in a fixed sequence. Automation allows you to work with foresight, save time and optimize the flow of information for many processes.

CP-Partner AddOn Report-Mailer

Reduce your manual activities to a minimum. You can use the Report Mailer to automatically send and store reports and graphics from Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance. For great convenience for transmitters and receivers.

The system architecture of the corporate planning software

Better decisions with IBCS.

With IBCS you standardize visual communication and enable effective reporting in your company. The Corporate Planning software offers new visualization options.

Hi-Chart is part of CP Corporate Planning and IBCS® certified. Please feel free to contact us.

Trusted Decisions is a certified partner.

Trusted Decisions is one of the very first certified partners and the first in Austria. We can therefore look back on many years of experience in the implementation of controlling solutions with software from CP Corporate Planning AG. Our employees are always kept at the highest possible level of training for you.

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