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What starts with data makes transformation successful.

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Transformation starts where data begins

Welcome to the world of Qlik® - the most comprehensive, cloud-based analytics engine and data analysis platform for advanced business intelligence and analytics. With Qlik® you can transform your company into a truly data-driven organization.

Maximize your data potential with Qlik® Data

The Qlik® end-to-end platform enables anyone in the organization, regardless of prior knowledge, to gain deep insights. With powerful analysis functions and support for AI and automated machine learning, you can exploit the full potential of your data. This enables employees and users to make well-founded and data-supported decisions and thus contribute to business success.

Qlik Sense® - The future of data analysis

Enter the next generation with Qlik Sense
of analytics and reports

Thanks to its associative analysis engine, advanced AI and a robust cloud platform, Qlik Sense® offers the ability to go far beyond mere visualization. It enables deeper insights and promotes data-based decisions.

With Qlik Sense® your company will not only be analytically advanced, but thoroughly data-oriented.

Discover the benefits and extensive possibilities that Qlik Sense® offers in relation to big data, data warehouses and other data sources.

Get ready to transform your entire business with data.
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Recognized by Gartner® - Qlik® data integration

Thanks to its outstanding performance in data integration, Qlik has repeatedly been highlighted in the renowned Gartner Magic Quadrant. Proof of Qlik's outstanding performance and trustworthiness.

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and BI Platforms

Qlik has been recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 11th consecutive year.

Elevate Your Business with Qlik

Qlik's end-to-end platform for data integration and analysis enables the use of Active Intelligence in all areas of the company. Regardless of your industry, Qlik's solutions help you make informed decisions and take your business to the next level.


Data analytics at its best

QlikView®, a pioneer in the business intelligence landscape, offers a traditional approach to data analysis with interactive applications and dashboards. The outstanding associative analysis engine has fundamentally changed the way companies approach data evaluation. QlikView has given many users access to the world of business intelligence and data analytics.

Making decisions on the basis of data

Self-service visualization

Use the self-service to combine and load your data volumes and carry out effective evaluations, regardless of their size. The strengths of analytics lie in real-time visualization and analysis.

Interactive dashboards

Create dynamic dashboards to provide managers, teams and employees with insights. Share these dashboards to strengthen decision making across the organization.

Search and dialog-oriented analysis

With Qlik's BI platform, all employees can ask questions in natural language and gain valuable insights from the data sources.

Tailor-made and embedded

Develop customized applications based on QlikView and Qlik Sense technology. Integrate analysis functions into your existing business processes and tools.


Use QlikView and Qlik Sense to create compelling reports in real time and back them up with data and analytics. Excel is supplemented and extended by our solution.


With Qlik Sense, you can create data-driven notifications that help employees take action in real time.


Organize and deliver business-ready data for Qlik Sense with the Qlik Catalog. A secure catalog that promotes data literacy throughout the company.


Offer real-time analytics for iOS and Android, combined with alerting. This enables quick decisions and measures to be taken, no matter where your employees are located.

GeoSpatial Analysis

Use location data to make informed decisions with Qlik's geospatial analytics. Our map visualizations provide clear insights and support data analysis.

Find out how Qlik can support your company.

End-to-end platform for data integration and analytics enabling Active Intelligence across all industries, business units and BI use cases.

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