Software for operational controlling

Dynamic corporate planning

The Corporate Planner OC controlling software maps your company's own structures and adapts flexibly to any new situation. You will be able to answer any controlling question quickly and precisely. With the software solution for planning, analysis and reporting, you can make your company and your business processes controllable.

Die Software für das operative Controlling

Sämtliches, was Sie im operativen Controlling in den Bereichen Planung und Budgetierung, Analyse und Reporting benötigen, wird Ihnen die Controlling-Software mit Corporate Planner, Corporate Planner Finance, Corporate Planner Cash, dem Web-Client und einem Dashboard ermöglichen.

Die Softwarelösung ist agil, anpassungsfähig, und zur Freude jedes Anwenders einfach und intuitiv zu bedienen. Das Planungswerkzeug verfügt über 300 vorinstallierte betriebswirtschaftliche Funktionen. Sie enthält unter anderem frei definierbare Planungsebenen, Top-down und Bottom-up-Planung, automatische Forecasts und Funktionen für die Trendrechnung. Gewinnen Sie mehr Zeit, sich ganz auf Ihren Job zu konzentrieren.

Detailed data analysis for your controlling.

Extensive analysis functions are available to you, such as variance analysis, ABC analysis, break-even analysis, drill-down analysis, key figure analysis or graphical analyses. All evaluations are dynamic and can be customized as required. This allows you to vary the objects to be considered, the underlying calculation levels, the time spans or even the approach.

With Qlik solutions for multidimensional analyses.

Integration with Qlik Sense and QlikView data discovery software means that all planning data from Corporate Planning solutions is available for multidimensional analysis

Individual reports for every decision-maker.

You can set up a recipient-oriented reporting system with different report templates. Every manager, managing director, department head or board member receives the information intended for them at the right time. You only define the report templates once, after which they are always up-to-date. The values are adjusted automatically.

Integrierte Finanz- und Erfolgsplanung mit der Controlling Software Corporate Planner Finance.

Unternehmerische Entscheidungen haben weitläufige Konsequenzen auf Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung sowie den Finanzplan und die Planbilanz. Mit Corporate Planner Finance überführen Sie alle Budgetplanungen aus Ihrer operativen Planung in die integrierte Finanzplanung. Alle Teilbereiche des Finanzcontrollings wie Finanzplan, Bilanz, Bewegungsbilanz, Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung sind dynamisch miteinander verbunden. Werden Veränderungen an einer Stelle vorgenommen, wirken diese sich direkt auf alle angelehnten Teilbereiche aus.

Liquidity management in operational controlling.

With the Corporate Planner Cash controlling software, you can counteract financial bottlenecks in good time. You have the opportunity to refine your short-term liquidity management down to the day and use your company's monetary resources profitably. The controlling system is used for liquidity analysis, actions for short-term financial planning, automatic cash discount optimization and interest rate optimization. The liquidity management solution is used to monitor debtors and creditors, to optimize payment flows and for cash pooling.

Corporate Planner Dashboard for communication with decision-makers.

Managers need the most important figures and management information quickly and at a glance. The dashboard displays all the data relevant to your company in various graphics. Thanks to an interface to the original values, the figures shown are always up-to-date. One click takes you directly to the detailed data in the system. You benefit from specific detailed views, integrated early warning systems, individual interface design and secure access thanks to the rights system.

Multi-user capable with the Excel client.

For users who do not want to do without Excel, the Excel client offers analyses and reports with the familiar Microsoft interface. The values are linked to the original data in the Corporate Planning Controlling software. Your daily work is made easier and errors are minimized thanks to ongoing updates and practical access to data sources. You benefit from multi-user Excel, as several users can work in the same Excel spreadsheet at the same time.

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