Software for sales controlling

Optimize your sales controlling.

Sales departments must always be agile in their response to market changes. Speed is of the essence. Corporate Planner Sales will help you answer questions about sales potential and product portfolios at an early stage and speed up your sales activities. Keep an eye on your customers and prospects with the software solution.

Planung und multidimensionale Analyse.

Corporate Planner Sales ist eine Softwarelösung für die multidimensionale Betrachtung. Sie verfügt über die Planungsfunktion und gleichzeitig über eine Simulation. Mit Corporate Planner Sales planen Controller im Vertrieb flexibel nach Mitarbeitern, Regionen, Ländern, Produkten oder Produktgruppen. Sie stellen Szenarien und Trends gegenüber oder überblicken Top-Down-Verteilungen. Die Softwarelösung senkt die Komplexität von multidimensionalen Daten.

Analyze from every angle.

Sales departments work with complex structures and various dimensions. External conditions such as regional market prices or the demand for certain products can change rapidly. Corporate Planner Sales increases your understanding of the relationships between multidimensional data, giving you an accurate overview of your sales figures. You can change the perspective on your sales data within seconds.

Reporting as a means of communication.

With Corporate Planner Sales, you can create comprehensible reports with just a few clicks. With a focus on the essentials, you answer specific questions with concrete sales figures. All recipients can interpret your data without errors. Reports from Corporate Planner Sales create a company-wide basis for discussing your company's sales, variances and targets.

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The characteristics of the cheetah as a role model - use the flexible Corporate Planner Sales solution.

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