Finance transformation - actively manage it now!

A fresh start for your finances with the Corporate Planner Finance Dashboard

Margin pressure, compliance, recession.

Skilfully navigate the current market uncertainties with the CP-Finance Dashboard! Ready for immediate use, it offers you a 360° view of your financial data - in real time. Combined with the well-known high user experience of Qlik Sense, your team works highly efficiently. With this acceptance, the transformation of your management model will succeed in the fast lane!

Short-term ROI and Strong acceptance

Thanks to prefabricated elements
and perfect design.

Efficient working and trust

Through high automation
and update capability.

Flexibility meets on individuality

Multidimensional analysis of management-relevant data.

Transformation design yourself

Expandable at any time,
without IT knowledge.

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More details about the CP-Finance Dashboard!

Ein echtes Feedback von denen, die es am besten wissen: Unsere Kunden.


Mit dem CP-Finance-Dashboard haben wir eine effiziente und intuitive Lösung gefunden, die uns ermöglicht, unsere Finanzdaten in Echtzeit zu analysieren und auf relevante KPIs zuzugreifen. Die multidimensionale Analyse und die individuellen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten haben unsere Finanzprozesse transformiert und unsere abteilungsübergreifende Zusammenarbeit erleichtert. Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Leistungsfähigkeit und Benutzerfreundlichkeit des Produkts.


Who is the CP-Finance Dashboard suitable for?

  • CFOs: As those responsible for the financial health and stability of the company, CFOs need a clear and timely overview of all financial transactions. The dashboard provides them with the up-to-date, comprehensive data they need to make informed decisions.
  • Financial managers: Those who work with financial data on a daily basis benefit from the clarity and efficiency of the dashboard to create budgets, make financial forecasts and plan investments.
  • Controllers: In their role as the "watchdog" of finances, controllers need accurate and up-to-date data to ensure that the company stays on track. The dashboard supports you in monitoring key financial figures and identifying deviations.
  • Accountants: As those responsible for recording and processing financial transactions, accountants benefit from the ability to visualize data in real time and efficiently create complex financial reports. The intuitive features of the dashboard make it easier for you to work with figures on a daily basis and simplify monthly and year-end closing.

How does the CP-Finance Dashboard support your planning process and strategic orientation?

  • Immediate insights: With its high degree of prefabrication, the dashboard enables rapid, measurable success. Users can optimize their decision-making processes through extensive data visualizations and analyses.
  • Seamless integration: It is fully integrated into Corporate Planner 6.0, which ensures that data and structures are always synchronized with Corporate Planner Finance. This promotes efficient working methods and ensures that users can always rely on up-to-date information.
  • Maximum flexibility: The dashboard offers unlimited possibilities in terms of multidimensionality and individual structures. It can be adapted to specific company requirements and integrate the most important key figures for future-oriented corporate management.
  • Independent transformation: Users have the opportunity to shape the transformation of their business model themselves. They can integrate external data sources at any time and expand their perspective without having to rely on the IT department.

Discover the power of the CP-Finance Dashboard.

Core functions of the CP-Finance Dashboard

Intuitive user interface based on the Qlik Sense user experience

Integration into existing system landscapes via the Corporate Planner Web Client

Analysis of integrated financial planning from the cost center to the Group

Multi-user capability for collaborative work

Free definition of the time period for specified analyses

Free number and use of scenarios (data levels) for flexible scenario analyses

Continuous time axis and automatic time aggregation (months, quarters, half-years, tertials, years)

Automatic time and scenario comparisons

Display and conversion of currencies via the currency module

Role-based rights management for differentiated access rights

Access via the web client for simple and universal accessibility

Automatic time-controlled execution for many functions