For entrepreneurs and managers with over 100 employees

Make more informed decisions with the latest data

  • Bringe Deine Daten auf einer einzigen, übersichtlichen Plattform zusammen und fokussiere Dich auf das Wesentliche.
  • Spare Dir wertvolle Zeit durch eine automatisierte Datenerfassung und erhöhe die Genauigkeit Deiner Daten.
  • Gewinne Vertrauen durch präzise Datenanalysen und klare Einblicke, um fundierte Entscheidungen schnell zu treffen.

Your advantages


Für fundierte und

zu Daten

Umfassende Daten
aus verschiedenen

Komplexe Planungen werden vereinfacht

Cashflow-Analyse …

grafisch dargestellt

leichtes Verständnis.

Kurzfristiger ROI und starke Akzeptanz

Dank vorgefertigter
Elemente und
perfektem Design.

Effizientes Arbeiten und Vertrauen

Durch hohe
und Updatefähigkeit.

Flexibilität trifft auf Individualität

Analyse steuerungs-
relevanter Daten.

Transformation selbst gestalten

erweiterbar, ohne

What entrepreneurs and managers achieve with TD Trusted Decisions

100% consistent reporting and 360° customer view according to ERP system integration.

  • Problem identified: "After upgrading our ERP system, problems arose because the databases were technically separated, resulting in incomplete historical data and inconsistent reporting."
  • Solution implemented: "We solved this problem by standardizing our reporting and analysis systems with the BI tool Qlik Sense, accompanied by workshops from TD Trusted Decisions. This allowed us to integrate historical data with current systems and synchronize everything with the production ERP."
  • Advantages realized: "The result is enormous. The manual effort involved in merging data has been eliminated, we now have a trustworthy database, a uniform 360° customer view across all areas of the company and enable all users to access up-to-date, consistent data."
Dr. Christoph Schumacher
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director
ECM Bergauer GmbH

The Corporate Planner planning tool increases our efficiency by 50% and guarantees the highest data quality.

  • Problem identified: "We were faced with the problem that the creation of our annual business plan was both complex and time-consuming due to the large number of departments, different locations and inconsistent data formats."
  • implemented a solution: "To solve this problem, we worked with the consulting firm TD Trusted Decisions developed the software tool Corporate Planner implemented. This solution offers us a simplified, web-based planning experience that is supported by workflows and real-time overviews, all backed up by a robust authorization system."
  • advantages: "The results speak for themselves: we have realized a significant increase in efficiency in the preparation of plans, which Data quality has improved, and both our employees and our The executives are also very satisfied due to the user-friendly software and the reliable scenario planning."
Hendrik Puls
Gruppenleiter Finanzen
Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG

Make better decisions in your company now by an increased quality of your data.

How does a collaboration with TD work?

With us, you use your data in a targeted way to make clear, effective decisions and increase your success.


Wir führen ein kostenloses Erstgespräch, um festzustellen, wie wir Dich und Dein Unternehmen unterstützen können.


Mithilfe unseres K-i-E®-Workshops erstellen wir gemeinsam eine Ist-Potenzial-Analyse und bestimmen die Soll-Definition. Du erhältst dazu ein Handout.


Gemeinsam definieren wir die Datenquellen, analysieren diese und Eure Prozesse. Wir legen fest, wie Dein personalisiertes Dashboard aussehen soll.


Nachdem wir die passende Lösung für Dich und das Unternehmen identifiziert haben, übernehmen wir die Implementierung der IT-Software.

Insights at a click.

Visualize your progress: An intuitive dashboard allows you to easily create time series analyses and various scenarios.

explore. You have a direct overview of all key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain deep insights into your structures.

Take a look at our CP-Finance Dashboard and discover what's possible.

Ready for your visualized data?

Real feedback from those who know best: Our customers.

Ute Neuenschwander

Manager Planning and Reporting,
BASF Catalysts Germany GmbH

The cooperation with the consultants was excellent. The fact that we got on so well meant that we were always able to make wonderful progress. The team was incredibly productive. That's a great benefit when the chemistry is right.

DI (FH) Robert Horvath, MBA

Hödlmayr International AG

The cooperation with a young, dynamic and committed team has saved a lot of internal resources and led to a fast operational activation of the applications.

Our team

Harald Straßmair

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Philipp Wicke

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Michaela Kaiser

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

Yvonne Wicke

Head of Marketing

Matthias Klampfer

Team Lead BI

Florian Eutert

Team Lead CPM

Markus Meinhart

Sales Manager

Harald Heubl

Sales Assistent

Andre Krohne

Senior CPM Consultant

Gabriel Mohamed

BI Consultant

Raivis Baldois

Country Manager

Michael Tüchler

Junior Data Analyst Consultant

Boris Patzke

Senior Consultant

Jovan Lazic

Junior Data Analyst Consultant

Frank Werner

Senior Consultant

Get a comprehensive strategy that makes for better decisions. So that you can achieve your business and growth targets.


1What is a BI system?
A BI system, also known as a decision support system, analyzes current and historical data and provides results in easy-to-understand reports, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps that can be shared throughout the organization. can be used.
2Who is it suitable for?
For companies with 100 employees or more. For all key positions in the company. For reporting - Reporting - Planning.
3How quickly can I see the first results?
Depends on the complexity of the data. As a rule, you will have the first results in a few days to weeks.
4What tools do you offer for implementation?
We are a certified partner of Qlik and Corporate Planning.
5Do I have to use your tools for the implementation?
No, you don't have to if you already have tools in place for suitable implementation.
6How does integration into an existing system landscape work?
Quite simply. Our solutions fit perfectly into the existing system landscape and are a perfect addition.
7Where is the data located?
Either in the cloud or on your server.
8Can you help me set up the data model and implement it?
9Do I need a data warehouse?
10I don't have the necessary resources?
No problem, you'll get the support you need from us.
11We are currently converting our ERP. Does this have an influence on the implementation?
No, this has no influence, only advantages. During the changeover from the ERP system, we provide you with the data and you remain maneuverable.