Qlik Sense

Discover what's in your data.

Qlik Sense - your tool for a successful transformation in the cloud environment

As innovative business intelligence software, Qlik Sense sets standards for a new generation of analyses.

The special associative analysis engine, sophisticated AI and a scalable multi-cloud architecture enable every employee to make better decisions every day based on sound data analysis and contribute to a truly data-driven company.

Make better decisions with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense, as a robust cloud platform for data analysis, is there for everyone: managers, decision-makers, controllers - and you.

Any BI use case can be implemented on this platform. You can search and analyze data freely and thus gain insights that no query-based BI tool can offer you.

With this type of business intelligence, you always make well-founded decisions that contribute to the success of your company.

Modern data analysis with Qlik Sense for company-wide use.

Analysis functions that leave nothing to be desired. You can change your organization from the ground up. Find out how this is possible.

Qlik Sense - A platform for every BI requirement.

Bring all your data together in one data analytics platform. You can implement any use case and support every employee regardless of their level of knowledge. Shape change throughout the company.

Customized analyses and embedded analytics

Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics platform that enables you to successfully execute even the most complex analytics challenges. With extensive APIs, you can adapt your analysis solutions precisely to your existing requirements. You develop tailor-made apps, new visualizations and extensions or add interactive analyses to the applications and processes that your employees use every day.

Mobile analytics with Qlik Sense on the cloud platform

Qlik Sense was developed for mobile devices - with responsive design and platform-native touch operation. You can easily create and evaluate analyses on any device with native apps for iOS and Android or in the browser. Once created, the analysis apps can be used anywhere. You get fully interactive offline analytics and integrated alerts with push notifications, giving you insight and action at the Point Of Decision (P.O.D.).

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With us as a certified Qlik Solution Provider, you get the support you need. With our many years of experience, we ensure that your Qlik platform works even faster and more efficiently. This allows you to gain interesting insights earlier and recognize sales opportunities.

Qlik enables - Making better decisions

Our world is permeated by data. Every interaction, every click, every decision generates information. But how can we understand all this data so that it helps us make better decisions? This is where Qlik comes into play.

Qlik is a leading software company specializing in BI and data visualization. With intuitive tools such as QlikView and Qlik Sense, Qlik brings your data to life and makes it tangible, understandable and usable. Discover hidden correlations, recognize patterns and trends, and let yourself be guided by meaningful visualizations.

Qlik's revolutionary associative data model allows you to discover connections between different data points in a simple and intuitive way. This gives you deep insights that go beyond traditional BI tools and enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

With Qlik you can turn data into insights, insights into actions and actions into results.