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Qlik Sense – Your tool for successful change

Qlik Sense sets the standard for a new generation of analytics. The dedicated associative analytics engine, sophisticated AI, and scalable multi-cloud architecture enable every employee to make better decisions every day and contribute to a truly data-driven business.

Qlik Sense is for everyone: executives, decision makers, controllers – and you. Any BI use case can be implemented. You can freely search and analyze data, gaining insights that no query-based BI tool can give you.

Data evaluation without limits

Qlik Sense indexes and recognizes all the relationships in your data so you can explore every aspect during analysis. It’s a little comparable to x-ray vision. You’ll be alerted to connections that you wouldn’t have registered with query-based BI tools.

Create analyses faster

You can easily compile data, design intelligent visualizations, and build sophisticated analytics apps with drag-and-drop ease. AI-powered recommendations and automation support you and ensure even faster implementation.

Broadening the horizon of analysis

Augmented Intelligence (AI) complements human intuition. In Qlik Sense, you are supported end-to-end with suggestions, automated processes and interaction, and sophisticated real-time analytics.

Share insights anywhere, anytime

Stay productive online and offline with mobile, fully interactive analytics. Whether you’re in the office, home office, or on the road, you can constantly gain new insights, collaborate comfortably with others, and take action quickly.

Create, extend, embed

Extensive open APIs give you every freedom. You can make virtually any analysis imaginable and integrate it into any app, project, or process thanks to powerful embedded analytics support.

Scale across clouds

The choice is yours: easily combine and deploy analytics applications on premises and in SaaS or hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Advanced data analytics for enterprise-wide use.

Analysis functions that leave nothing to be desired. You can change your organization from the ground up. Learn how this is possible.

Qlik Sense –
One platform for every BI requirement.

Bring all your data together in one Data Analytics Platform. You can implement any use case and support any employee regardless of their skill level. Shape change across the enterprise.

Self-Service Visualization and Discovery

You can easily and quickly compile, load, visualize and evaluate your complete data. Browse your data and drill down to select details or look at the big picture. All charts, tables and elements are interactive and updated accordingly. Intelligent visualizations illuminate the current status and indicate outliers.

Interactive dashboards

Create and share qualified dashboards for executives, management, and anyone who needs to stay up to date. The dashboards are interactive. In case of deviations, you can go directly into the details and get to the bottom of the causes. You can quickly find the decisive information and initiate appropriate measures. Qlik Sense dashboards are the start of better, data-driven decisions.

Search and dialogue-oriented analysis

Your AI Assistant in Qlik Sense automatically creates relevant and plausible visualizations and analyses for you using search-based analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Users are provided with several automatically generated and prioritized charts that they can edit and attach directly to fully interactive dashboards.


Customized analyses and embedded analytics

Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics platform that enables you to successfully execute even the most complex analytics challenges. Extensive APIs allow you to customize your analytics solutions to meet your existing needs. You’ll develop custom apps, new visualizations and enhancements, or add interactive analytics to the apps and processes your employees use every day.



Simplify and accelerate the delivery of business-ready data in Qlik Sense with an enterprise-wide catalog. Your catalog contains all the data available for analysis in your company, no matter where it exists. The conversion of raw data into information ready for analysis can thus be done even faster and more conveniently.

Reporting and Alerting

With Qlik NPrinting®, you can create, publish and share world-class reports in popular formats such as Microsoft Office® or PDF. Turn Qlik Sense analytics into meaningful reports with flexible design and formatting capabilities. You can easily schedule the distribution of reports and make them available to specific recipients via email, in shared folders, or on a central hub.


Map and location-based analytics can be conveniently included in your reports in Qlik Sense. An automatic geodata search supports you with geographic calculations of spatial information, for example, to determine a perfect location for a store, to investigate the purchasing behavior of customers and much more.


Mobile analyses

Qlik Sense is built for mobile, with responsive design and platform-agnostic touch. You can easily create and evaluate analyses on any device with native apps for iOS and Android or in the browser. Once made, analytics apps can be used anywhere. You get fully interactive offline analytics and built-in alerts with push notifications that give you insight and action at the Point Of Decision (P.O.D.).

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