Software for cost controlling

More structure in your cost controlling.

Corporate Planner OC gives you a transparent overview of the composition of your financial resources. They identify cost drivers and optimize cost structures.

Kostenfaktoren ausfindig machen mit Kostencontrolling.

Enthüllen Sie Kostenfresser in Ihrem Unternehmen. Mit Corporate Planner OC fertigen Sie Ihre Kostenrechnung an und ermitteln schnell die Deckungsbeiträge von Produkten oder Dienstleistungen. Sie werden rasch erkennen, wo Sie eingreifen können, um das Ergebnis positiv zu beeinflussen. Zum Beispiel ermitteln Sie die Selbstkosten von Artikeln und greifen auf verlässliche Zahlenangaben zurück, um Ihre Kostenstrukturen zu optimieren.


Cost planning with Corporate Planner OC

You can use the solution's planning functions to plan any cost centers. Production companies assess their capacities or decide how much personnel, material, time and other expenses they use in ongoing operations. The comparison of scenarios with Corporate Planner OC shows you transparently what guarantees profit. Should branches be outsourced or remain in-house? Is production abroad profitable or does a plant have to be closed? Is a product launch worthwhile?

Recognizing developments and reporting successes

Corporate Planner OC offers analysis functions such as ABC analysis or variance analysis. They create clear hierarchies of cost factors or compare current figures with those of the previous year. The results will show you which of your steps will have the greatest success. You set up the reports individually according to cost elements, cost element groups or cost centers and submit them monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

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