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Top 10 BI & Data Trends 2023

Yvonne Wicke | 27. January 2023

It's time to prepare for change - even with data

Technological unbundling, data protection obligations, shortage of skilled workers and dwindling venture capital financing

In the chaotic post-pandemic environment, 7 in 10 global IT leaders are concerned about the rising cost of the technology investments they need to stay competitive* What BI and data trends are emerging and what do you need to know to stay ahead of the game?

Join us on January 11th for the Qlik webinar "Prepare for future crises: Top 10 BI and Data Trends for 2023" to learn which top 10 BI and data trends will be critical for organizations in the coming year. These two concepts are important:

Sharpening the basis for decision-making
Create the conditions for quick, situation-specific decisions so that you can adapt better to unexpected events.

Optimize integrationEnableconnected governance in a fragmented world by retrieving, merging and monitoring decentralized data sets.

Thought leader and industry expert Dan Sommer, Senior Director, Market Intelligence at Qlik, will show you practical applications of the trends and their impact in the coming year. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session where you can ask him your questions live.

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