Software for personnel controlling

Recognize personnel requirements through scenario planning.

Corporate Planner HR is the solution with which you can keep an eye on your environment and the concerns of your staff. In personnel controlling, you need to plan with agility - for departments, individual teams, for part-time employees or even for all employees with fixed-term contracts. Corporate Planner OC offers you the flexibility to map different scenarios of your personnel planning side by side. You can carefully monitor all developments and recognize personnel requirements at an early stage. The results of personnel planning are automatically available for financial planning.

Zugriffe begrenzen und vertrauliche Daten schützen.

Personalverantwortliche haben mit sensiblen, personenbezogenen Daten zu tun, wie Gehälter Krankenstände oder Fluktuationsraten. Corporate Planner OC schützt diese vertraulichen Informationen zuverlässig. Das Berechtigungskonzept der Software bietet dem Personalcontroller uneingeschränkten Zugriff auf die Personaldatenbank. Die Kollegen aus dem unternehmensweiten Controlling haben währenddessen Zugang zu den für sie relevanten Daten aus dem Bereich Personal.

Access to data from upstream systems.

Corporate Planner OC has interfaces to all upstream systems that are necessary for personnel controlling. These include Datev, Navision and SAP, for example. The software obtains all relevant data automatically via these integrations. The figures are always up to date. If changes are recorded in the respective upstream system, these are automatically taken into account. Corporate Planner OC integrates seamlessly into any existing system landscape.

Reporting - specific information on personnel issues.

With the help of the solution, you can create reports that highlight the essentials with just a few clicks. You answer questions about your personnel planning with concrete figures. This results in regular communication about relevant key figures such as the sickness rate, number of overtime hours, fluctuation rate or the employment structure in your company.

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