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What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is based on the idea of virtualization. With virtualization, a physical resource, such as a server, is divided into several virtual resources. This enables companies to use their IT infrastructure more effectively and save costs.

Cloud computing works by hosting applications and data on a remote server. Users can access these applications and data via the Internet. As the applications and data are not installed locally on the user's computer, it is necessary to have an Internet connection to access the cloud-based services.

Advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing offers many advantages for companies and users. The advantages for companies include

Cost savings: As companies can use their IT infrastructure more effectively, they can save costs.

Flexibility: Cloud computing enables companies to use their IT resources flexibly. This means that companies can scale their IT resources as required.

Reliability: Cloud computing services offer high availability and reliability. This means that companies can run their business processes without interruption.

Cloud computing offers the following advantages for users:

Access from anywhere: Since users can access cloud-based services via the Internet, they can access their data from anywhere.

No software installation required: No software installation is required for most cloud-based services. This means that users can get started immediately without having to install any software first.

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